Miroslav Bárta
Egyptologists and Archaeologist


Tutanchamon. Century of secrets and discoveries
(2022, Jota, Brno)
Seven Laws. How civilisations rise, grow and fall
(2021, Jota, Brno)
On the crossroad. Crises and Transformations of the Contemporary World.

(2016, Vyšehrad, Praha)



Miroslav Bárta is an Egyptologist and archaeologist, former long-time director of the Czech Institute of Egyptology at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University and its vice-rector. He leads Czech multidisciplinary research in Egypt and Sudan; the focus of his archaeological activities is on the site of the pyramid builders in Abusir near Cairo. For many years he also focuses on a comparative study of complex civilisations. He is the holder of many prestigious international awards for his work in science (Alexander von Humboldt, Fulbright Scholarship, Michel Schiff Giorgini Foundation Award); in 2003 and 2004, he taught at the American University of Pennsylvania, and in 2014 he was awarded the Simpson Professorship at the American University in Cairo. He has also worked at many universities in Western Europe and overseas.



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